Keynote Addresses, Job Interviewing, College Interviewing, Government Orals Proposal Coaching, Product Presentation, Pitch Development, Court Appearances, Personal Rebranding   ...  Story is the common thread.

Sharing your Story.
In each of these situations, the goal is to tell our story with authentic and engaging clarity.  We seek to be believable, interesting, and persuasive.  We wish to educate, inspire, lift, change, and share.  This level of communicating requires all of our human being-ness.

What's YOUR Story? 

We all communicate through story, which is the foundation of theater.   The more vibrant and accessible the storytelling, the more we resonate with and remember its message, its impact.  

With 35+  years of experience as a professional actor and director, I approach my public speaking and presentational coaching as I would a performance … helping you to tell your story -- deliver your message -- as effectively, fluidly and vibrantly as you can, with all the “tools” that you have as a human being.  There are moment-to-moment choices to be made, practice (or rehearsal) skills to be developed, environment and audience insights to be integrated, and energy to be unleashed and channeled!

This work can enhance communication and leadership skills, shift managerial “styles,” and build a stronger, more cohesive group dynamic.  The application possibilities are many and varied!

Define Your Purpose

And Develop Your Story

  • Clarify your main goal, key concept, & intended message.
    • Your What & Why = Your Passion
  • Streamline your script's structure. 
    • Got beginning, middle, & end?
  • Excavate the deeper layers, the subtext, of your story.
  • Wordsmith to capture your "voice" & audience attention.
  • Determine your target audience.
  • What outcomes are you seeking?
  • Focus your "Post Script" or Call to Action.
    • Product, Book, Workshop, etc.

Develop Your Performance

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse and ...

YES, rehearsing is the most obvious "acting" process support ... and is absolutely key and critical.  AND, there is so much more to navigating the creative process in order to bring your work fully-realized to your "stage," whatever that might be!

  • Body Language
  • Vocal Production & Health
  • Enunciation, Inflection, Tone, Cadence
  • Focus & Energy
  • Breath & Use of Silence
  • "Choreography" - Use of Space & Environment
  • Using Improv to Explore Untapped Insights
  • Presentation "Style" - Hair, Clothes, Jewelry, Shoes

Our endeavor is to leave nothing to chance!

Deliver Your Punch

Better • bigger • bolder

  • All your preparation comes into focus NOW!
  • You are energized, centered, and ready!
  • You connect with your Audience.
  • You deliver a "stand out" and "stand up" presentation.
  • You step away committed to incorporating new insights and subtle learnings into your NEXT presentation.

The artist must always know where he or she is,
perceive and be open to receive the phenomenal world,
in order to create reality on stage.
— Viola Spolin, Acting Teacher